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About Atrans Aviation

Atrans Aviation is airline's recruitment for you! We supply international flight crew and maintenance staff to aviation executive positions all over Asia. Atrans Aviation provides qualified and experienced and inexperienced captains and first officers on a range of aircraft types.


Atrans proactively delivers aviation-related training programs including Ab-initio training, type specific training, aircraft line training and flight crew training. Atrans is capable of coordinating business activities relating to Crew management solutions, through its’ extensive global network.


For the new inexperienced pilots, Atrans Aviation will walk you through the process, provide support and training you will need, and get you lined up for the airline job you have been dreaming of. Atrans Aviation has programs designed specificaly for the low time non-type rated pilot to get you to the next level in your career.


Services we provide :


  • Flight Crew Recruitment

  • Aircraft Type-Rating

  • Airline Line Training 

  • Flight Crew Training

  • Aviation HR Consulting Services

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