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Airbus 320 Captains & First Officers

Atrans Aviation is seeking Airbus 320 Captains & First Officers.


All Pilot Candidates

  • Valid ICAO License with valid A-320 Type Rating with No Restrictions

  • ICAO English Level 4 or higher

  • No History of Accidents / Incidents

  • Class 1 Medical Certificate

  • Current on A-320 (Last flight or Proficiency Check within the previous 90 days)


  • Above Requirements, plus

  • 4,000 hours Total 

  • 1,000 hours A-320 PIC

First Officers 

  • Above Requirements, plus

  • 1,500 hours Total 

  • 500 hours on A-320

A-320 Type Rating + Line Training 

& Guaranteed 2+ years First Officer Job

Atrans Aviation is seeking Airbus 320 Cadet Pilots for First Officers.



Minimum Requirements:

  • Hold a Commercial Pilot with Multi Engine Land Certificate (ME-CPL)

  • Instrument Rating (IR)

  • Minimum English ICAO Level 4

  • Must be physically and mentally fit

  • Class 1 medical

  • ATPL Frozen (JAA)

  • All licenses accepted such as FAA, JAA, CAA, CASA and etc..


Type-Rating Programs

A320 Type Rating

A320 Type Rating

B737-300/400/500 Type-Rating

B737-300/400/500 Type-Rating

B737-NG Type-Rating

B737-NG Type-Rating

ATR 72 Type-Rating

ATR 72 Type-Rating

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