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Explore Vietnam with VietJet

Vietnamese airline VietJet will soon launch a new route from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh, which will see daily flights connecting Singapore to Vietnam's largest tourist and business hub.

“We’re delighted to open this new route connecting one of the world’s biggest travel and business hubs to Ho Chi Minh City,” says Mr Desmond Lin, VietJet business development manager.

To mark the launch, the low-cost airline will be giving Singaporeans the opportunity to explore and enjoy destinations all over Vietnam. Till April 14, 2014, travellers will be able to fly to Ho Chi Minh City for just US$2 (S$2.70). The promotion also covers flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Bangkok and flights from Hanoi to Bangkok.

Besides the country's incredible landscapes, its rich and diverse cuisine and amazing shopping, the more adventurous travellers are also spoilt for choice in Vietnam.From riding high-speed motorcycles across the sandy dunes near the bustling fishing town of Phan Thiet in Binh Thuan province, to paragliding at Vinpearl Resort in the beach city of Nha Trang, there are many ways to have a great experience in Vietnam.

Singaporean sales executive Thomas Lim, a frequent traveller to Vietnam, says: "When I stood on the peak of Phanxipang Mountain, it felt incredible to be on 'the roof of Indochina'. I thought, wow, this country is just amazing."

Travellers can also experience what the Vietnamese call “phuot”, a term which means backpacking or “adventure-seeking” in remote destinations. It is common for groups to hire motorbikes and ride from province to province exploring the countryside.One of the most popular areas for phuot is in the north, which has breathtaking scenery characterised by enormous valleys, stunning tiered padi fields, flowing rivers and beautiful waterfalls.VietJet's Mr Lin says: “We're positive that Singaporeans will enjoy discovering one of the world’s fastest growing and most captivating cities.

”The US$2 promotion will run till April 14, 2014, from 9pm to 1am only. Bookings can be made at the official website or via smartphone and tablet at tickets are available for travel dates from May 23 till Oct 31, 2014 (excluding public holidays).

VietJet can also be assessed via Facebook - just look for the “booking section”

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